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In this lecture I will try to tell you about one of the greatest
managers XX century, Lee Iacocca, who managed to become successful and skilful
man in the world of business and management.
This topic is relevant today as Lee Iacocca worthy example for
without exception beginning managers. After all, he was able to achieve such
heights in the world of management, that by studying this subject people can not
take advantage of his vast experience and his knowledge.
Lee Iacocca - the son of Italian immigrants.
Since childhood he taught to
work and diligence in carrying out any work. It is with great diligence
in high school, participated in its public life. His childhood
was love and a sense of patriotism for their country, and from childhood he
knew I had to do something useful for his country. Co
diligence, he studied in university, graduating one of the best. A
because its success has been notable, he got on the distribution of
company Ford. Worked for a short time exercise activities as an engineer, but soon
He realized that it was not for him and moved to the marketing department of the company

Ford. Here it is, and found the work that he needed. He
quickly moved up the career ladder thanks to their large
abilities and the 50-year high of painstaking labor and ruthless
abilities, he became head of the Ford. But it so happened that

Henry Ford Jr. drove him from his company because he was afraid
change of power in the company. Lee Iacocca was not taken aback, and going to
company Chrysler has revived it to life. Now he is still successfully
works in business and full of energy to achieve new
Lee Iacocca brought in many new in management.
Management - a process
in which the subject management coordinates all the processes
within the organization, and pursues the goals set before him, with the help
use of different resources (human resources, working capital,
technology, information). Therefore, in this lecture I shall show the relationship
which is apparent in the book of Lee Iacocca between management as a science and
practitioners known manager.
purpose of the abstract - to acquaint the reader with the life and work of the great
manager and innovator Lee Iacocca. Show the keys to the management, it
personal qualities and management practices.

Chapter I.

In this chapter, I will tell you about how to place the formation
and the identity of Lee Iacocca.

Father Lee Iacocca - Nicola Iacocca came to America from San Marco, the town
located in the south of Italy. Once in America, some time he lived in
his half-brother in Garrett, Pennsylvania. They hired,
a coal mine, but it aroused in him so disgusted that he left her
the next day. Soon he moved to Allentown, where he lived his other
brother. By 1921, he worked in various places, mainly as
student shoemaker, amassed enough money to go to San Marco
and pick out his widowed mother, where he met his future wife.

Lee Iacocca was born three years later, on Oct. 15, 1924 are already in


In material terms, Lee's family was going through its ups and downs. Like
many Americans, they are doing quite well in the 20-ies. Years
they were really rich. But then the crisis erupted and this time his
family pririshlos transfer difficulties. Despite tough times
they do not lose heart and found time for jokes and laughter. For his father's crisis
was a shock for life. He could not bear the blow. During
crisis checks father Lee has repeatedly returned to it with deadly inscription:

"Lack of funds in the account. This has always led him to state
hopelessness, because he deeply believed that a high
creditworthiness is an essential property of an honest man and
reliable company. He constantly taught Lee and his sister, to observe faithfully
principle of capacity to pay and insisted that they never spent
more money than they earn. After nastupaleniya difficult times, it
his father would not let the family discouraged. Whatever happened, he invariably
has stood with them and keep them in a good mood. He
convince children that life characterized by ups and downs and that each
man should come to terms with its share falling to adversity. His father
said: "Please be patient, - the sun should come up again. It always
them out. " Lee's father constantly reminded that life should
enjoy, and he actually followed through on this. Lee with his father were very
close, he liked to give pleasure to his father and his father always
extremely proud of his son and always gave wise advice
their children.

Lee studied at school among newly arrived Germans, why from the very beginning he
had to deal with chauvinism and it left a mark on his soul for the whole
life. Sometimes he throws himself into a fight with the children, called him offensive
nicknames. But he always kept in the memory of his father's admonition: "If he
more than you do not vstrevay in a fight. Surf not fists, and the brain ?.

But the rest of the school, he felt happy. He
diligent student, and favorite of many teachers. Lee says the most important,
what he learned in school - is communicating with other people. There he acquired
performance skills before an audience, to communicate with people, in his view - it
anything and everything.

In high school, Lee Iacocca each year, finishing among the first
students, and mathematics has always been top. He worked in the circle
Latin language, and it won the top prize in three consecutive years.

He considered it important to be a good student. But this he was
enough, so Lee, he devoted much time employment beyond the training
program. In high school he took an active part in the dramatic
studio and discussion club. Being in the ninth grade, he put forward his
candidacy for the presidency of Student Council and won the whole school
Since he was a diligent student, on graduation he was able to take
on performance twelfth place among the nine hundred-odd graduates

By the time he was going to go to college, he already had
solid training in general education - reading, writing and
ability to speak before an audience.

But then came the Second World War. The feeling of patriotism burning in
young man, and he rushed to the front, but it did not take place because of the recent

By this time, Lee Iacocca imbued with an interest in engineering and began
look around to several colleges, technical profile. He chose

Chinese University, as he was half an hour from his home in

Allentown. Study at university was difficult, but as the war
dragged from Li was lost in vain hunt to kill time, especially at the time,
when he entered the university, he already knew how to concentrate and hard
work of literature.

To succeed in business, as, indeed, and almost everything else, the most
main thing - it is able to concentrate and rationalize their use
time. After graduation, he always worked hard all week
and tried to free up weekends for family and leisure. To re-lead
themselves in working condition, on Sunday evening, he always threw a
plan for those cases which had intended to perform next week. It
a routine he had established himself in Lihayskom University. Whoever
wants to become a specialist in dealing with any problems in the business, believes

Lee should first learn to prioritize. Of course, the scale
time in business and in college is different. In college, he had
figure out what it can do in one evening. In business, this scale could
vary from three months to three years.

academic success in college has contributed not only his ability
concentrate. As more and more students called in the army
number of training groups in the Lehigh all declined. As a result, he received
at the University of unusually good education. He set out to
achieve the average rate of 3.5 marks to finish university with
honors and he did it.

One of the most important subjects in the university for Lee was the psychology.

The main content of this discipline were the basis of human behavior. In
a result, he learned very quickly identify the nature of people that
helped him in his future endeavors.

He passed all the courses in Lihayskom University for eight semesters, ie
without summer vacation. Great fire of war, and in circumstances where his friends
fought and died overseas, he had to "drive hard?.

As an engineering student he was given a certificate with Redesignate

"C", testified that his study had military significance. Soon Lee
as the best student took the company Ford, but at this time, as one of
the best students, he was awarded the "Wallace Memorial Fellowship and
opportunity to study in graduate school Pristanskaya University. He could
achieved by postponing "Ford" and with a pure soul went to study
further. After graduate school, he went with high hopes
work in the company Ford ?.

Chapter II.

Lee Iacocca proved himself as an intelligent and courageous leader in difficult situations
while working in companies Ford and Chrysler. It harmoniously
combines the qualities of leadership such as: the ability not to lose in the difficult
moments of self-control and always able to find a way out of them, he is not afraid
make innovations, different non-standard approach to solving problems
and the ability to use the experience gained in the course of its activities.

After Lee Iacocca joined the company, Ford, his
identified intern. But having worked for nine months in this role, he realized that
it attracts more work in marketing. Lee appealed to the leadership and
was transferred to the department, working with dealers. Thus began his
management. Lee was lucky with their leaders. They are
helped him in his work, but moving up the career ladder
carried out solely through his efforts.
At the age of thirty-six years, Lee Iacocca became general manager
the second largest department in the world but the largest automotive company.

The first thing Lee Iacocca in his post - has introduced a system of quarterly
reports for lower-level managers. This kind of result will make and
namechanie goals for the next quarter, as it enables each
employee to demonstrate their capabilities and engage in dialogue with their
immediate supervisor for the improvement of the company.

Yakoka Lee said that the best quality manager is the determination,
particularly during the decision-making. He believed that the manager must be able not
only talk, but listen, that is to delve into the problems of their subordinates
and be able to explain to them what tasks he sets before them. Manager, he
opinion, should be able to set goals for other people, set them on
desired goals, as he should be able to interact with
The surest way to deeply develop the idea consists in the interaction
with fellow managers. Interference of two or three companions could
be extremely fruitful, and it played a big role in the success of Lee.

The key to success is not information, but the people, he said. Therefore
senior managerial positions Lee was looking for a tireless hard worker, because
that they are accessible to other people and work tirelessly. The strength of these
managers is that they know how to instruct others and how
inspire people to work.
Also, he was able to assemble a team of young engineers, the fruit of which
became machine "Mustang", which became one of the best selling cars in the world.
Lee Iacocca made a few more innovations - to him in Detroit
normal practice is to first construct
car, and then try to identify the contingent of buyers who are likely to
purchase, and he used a new approach: first, he sorted out what to
consumer, and only then deliver the products to them.
As Vice - President of the Ford and zaveduya office "Lincoln-

Mercury Lee Iacocca faced with the fact that this office is experiencing great
difficulties in the market for its products. He took the office of the crisis
Two new models of cars. He managed to widely publicize them, and soon
branch "Lincoln-Mercury" came out of the crisis and was earning
of the Ford ?.

He also insisted on the program" to get rid of unprofitable
sites already in the role of chairman and CEO of Ford. In a large company like
company Ford, there were dozens of operations, bringing a loss,
a minimum profit, and Lee always said that we must apply the operation profitable. As president of the company's main objective Lee Iacocca
was seeking hundreds of different ways to reduce costs and increase
He said that all business transactions can ultimately reduce
to the designation in three words: people, product, profit. In the first place are
people. "If you do not have a reliable team, then from the other little factors that
able to get "- he asserted.

He also created the so-called" quality posts ", which were intended
involve employees in monitoring the quality of output
products. So he helped to create "quality program",
undertaken jointly union of automobile workers and the administration
firm. She proclaimed: "The question about the quality should not be confused with other
contentious issues and resolve through the usual confrontations between workers and
Administration ?.

But after years of successful and hard work so happened that Henry

Ford II, Lee Iacocca began to suspect that he wants to seize power in
of the Ford. Henry Ford II began to look for ways to shift the Lie
place head of the company. And soon succeeded. But Lee Iacocca did not break down and
could find application of knowledge in the company's Chrysler, where he was summoned
after dismissal.

Talent present manager Lee Iacocca showed when he came to the place
chairman and CEO of the Chrysler and began to revive her to life.

Immediately after Lee Iacocca offered the post of chairman and CEO of

Chrysler, he realized that the company is in deep crisis and it
requires general reconstruction. Here, no one really did not work,
and did not want to work in the company was not even taking into account all elementary
transactions. In such a difficult situation had to start work Lee

Before you make changes in the corporation Chrysler Lee Iacocca
asked to prepare a "certificate of elimination" of "Chrysler" one of

Los Angeles-based consulting firm. From this document it had been shown
that in case of bankruptcy all the loans will be blocked for a period
from five to ten years in the courts, and banks can not profitably use
significant part of their investment. This is not included in the plans and Lee Iacocca
so he started to fight for the survival of the company Chrysler ?.

first thing to do was Lee Iacocca - is to gather a team other than
managers. He drew here from the corporation "Ford" for all he knew

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