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A successful businessman: psychological characteristics of
Recently, to psychologists for help began to turn big businessmen who manage to make the capital in the early 90-ies inachinayuschie be broke now. Conducting psychological testing showed that most of them have the same pronounced traits (personality accentuation). Simultaneously, the study of the affluent now major employers found that they also have common, tipichnyeaktsentuatsii, which, however, differ significantly from those obtained in the first group. In this case, that is quite remarkable, no difference vurovne intellectual development have been identified. Just one of socio-economic conditions more in line with one type of individual businessman, the other - the other.
Psychologists have received information about the personality traits, including accented, which can now privestibiznesmena to success, as well as features that are statistically more likely correlated with its "successful" ruin. And this is a very thin knowledge became vkakoy a degree and a commercial secret. Interestingly, these data coincide with the results of research in Academy of Public Administration under PrezidenteRossiyskoy Federation. Poor business type of personality began en masse to try putting up at the civil service.
So what personality traits contribute to successful business, and what is not? After all, people are very varied both in nature, so IPO education. This manifests itself in intelligence, personality traits, Metaprograms behavior, etc. Consider the last difference - the difference vmetaprogrammah - in more detail.
Metaprograms mental activity - it automatically bessoznatelnoproyavlyayuschiesya algorithms internal activities that determine the direction of human activity. Thus, under conditions of stress as some people byzamirayut, others are beginning to be active. And it is under a genetic determination. In some mental activity is directed nadostizhenie something, while others - for avoidance, etc.
Metaprograms are closely related to the accentuation of the individual. A particular accentuation is not nothing but splavneskolkih accented Metaprograms. In modern psychology, aware of the various accentuation - schizoid, paranoid, hysteroid, etc. And all onisotkany from certain Metaprograms.
Metaprograms could maintain a "shoot a movie" connect, added, changed, transformed. For example, we talk about Metaprograms "for subject" and Metaprograms "social worker". This businessman "public-spirited" is focused on opinion of others, and businessman, "for subject" is focused on processes that occur.
Consider, for example, some of Metaprograms.
Metaprograms "internal and external reference. There are people who are deciding more opirayutsyana own experience, to their own opinion, but there are those for which the more important opinions. Such persons are also among businessmen, managers. Nekotoryepodchinennye a thin feel and can make any decision the Chief, working under their dominant algorithm, the dominant metaprogrammu.Tak, to convince people outside the reference in making a definite decision, it is important to give examples that similar solutions were others, the most authoritative for a given person individuals, organizations, businessmen, such decisions were in the past and they have led to positive results, that ihprimenyayut today and have a tendency to move to a similar solution in the future, etc. At the same time, if such person svnutrenney examples give the reference, it is a typical reaction to such arguments is a high probability of a negative: the opinion and decision of others to him as krasnayatryapka for razyarennogobyka. He himself will analyze the situation and decide on their own. Link to view and address other for it is not an argument, ascorbate cause for internal stimuli: technology decision-making him the other.
Individuals with an internal reference for decision-making oriented toward their vision of the world, their feelings, knowledge, intuitsiyu.Statisticheski often is typical for introverts. And because the extrovert as it is the situation, for the external changes, and introvertuhodit by external situations, in themselves, in their inner world. Behavior of the more extrovert control external factors, the situation, while kakpovedeniem introvert - his past, including his internal moral standards.
Internal reference is more typical for schizoid personalities for introverts. Persons with this orientation may bytotnositelno independent of the environment, but so often it falls out of the existing system of relationships, become outcasts, scapegoats it.p. People are sometimes very strict about those who disregard common.
At the same time, a person with internal reference can see that the mass consciousness, subordinated to inspiration, conformism, often unable to understand. Individuals with an internal referent able to see the world differently than most of the surrounding. And they owe the people behind eto.Primerom that can serve as Andrei Sakharov, who had expressed a need to look at the world in their own way, to defend their point of view, even if all were to the contrary. A person with an external reference is not capable of such views, estimates, by such conduct.
Internal reference was highly developed in Dzh.Bruno, Galileo and many others whose ideas samosoznaniebolshinstva ahead of his time. And we are grateful to these people for such a strategy of thinking: it is carried forward and mankind.
At the same time in court intrigues, a person with an internal reference is unprotected, with rapidly raspravlyayutsya.V these conditions, more effective person with an external reference that can in time to catch the view of a strong, adapting to it.
In the early 90-ies spurt in business done with the internal reference person, who heeded the approval "can be all that nezaprescheno." They quickly, within a few weeks and months for the large state. But now the person with the inner reference popadayutpod often shade of justice, they became engaged in law enforcement, as well as by their nature they are more likely to violate laws, generally accepted norms povedeniya.Otsyuda and emerging issues in their business.
Another of Metaprograms - globalism - a detail. This Metaprograms reflects the predominance of one man izdvuh of strategies: strategies for the pursuit of global strategies and aspirations to the particular, concrete. There are individuals who are more prone to argue, decide, act in a global scale, something abstract, generalized. For example, Mikhail Gorbachev in his ideas has repeatedly appealed to problemeobschechelovecheskih values of world civilization, etc. And his life, the activities get the logic, if you think the scale of humanity. Tue same time, when addressing specific issues, many find themselves better it. One portion of people, especially those who were prone to concrete thinking, predisposed to see particularly irritated Gorbachev's answers to specific questions: for them, they received a response in accordance with protivopolozhnoydominiruyuschey strategy thinking. Therefore Gorbachev many opponents and because of the differences he and some of the people strategies ponimaniyaokruzhayuschego the world: they spoke a different metalanguage Metaprograms.
Commitment to a particular strategy, the private is more developed in humans, is not prone to the induction, synthesis, which often are kinestetikami, that is, people who are predisposed to perceive the world around us through the really tangible things, phenomena, through concrete actions. This metaprogrammaokazyvalas more effective in business at an early stage of capital accumulation, while at the same time as the growth degree of socialization proizvodstvastatisticheski frequently among the major leaders met face without accentuation metaprograms "particular". At the same time and in the early 90-ies vbiznese bad person worked with accented Metaprograms in the direction of globalization.
These are some metaprograms. In fact, they are very, very much. All of them understand the difficult and almost impossible, when idetanaliz of thinking, behavior of the individual. And whether you want to do it, if there is a law Claparede, which suggests that the more izsoznatelnogo passed into unconsciousness, the more effective activity? This law directs that the excessive inclusion of conscious komponentapsihiki of understanding what is happening may reduce the effectiveness of cognitive and practical activity in general. Therefore, if we begin to realize all etimetaprogrammy to conduct activities of a given person, then this may prevent the direct effective communication.
But some metaprograms must be understood. First, be aware of its metaprograms, osobennoaktualizirovannye, then there are those on which we are very different from the others, unconsciously make decisions for them. Any person should znatpsihologicheskie mechanisms of decision-making, which is especially important for those at risk with the material means.
Secondly, it should be understood metaprograms persons whom we run, with whom we work and who led us, with kotorymidelaetsya business. However, we must realize first and foremost those metaprograms on which they stand out sharply from the majority that they aktualizirovany.Delo that when updated, accented Metaprograms be triggered if they are not any, then in most situations, that we must take into account vsovmestnoy activities. This can actually be used for modeling, predicting human behavior. If she Metaprograms iliinaya not expressed, not emphasized, that from a given individual can be in specific situations to expect different behavior, decisions. This accentuation of the individual as a higher-accentuation, the greater the likelihood that it will manifest itself in most situations, the lower - the smaller the range of situations in which proyavlyayutsyaanalogichnye practical and intellectual activities, algorithms, behavior and thinking. If Metaprograms or that is not expressed, actualized, accentuated, it may appear or not appear, depending on situations.
Thirdly, the activity of certain Metaprograms be aware of when a group of community people should aktivizirovatkakuyu some activities. To do this, activate, update or that Metaprograms.

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