Ideas humanization of education in special education moral exclusion of students

Soisk. Maliyev ZK

Department of Pedagogy.

North Ossetian State University

rises problem of pedagogical correction of moral exclusion. The main factor in solving this problem is to create a humane personality-oriented framework the university. Practical realization of the idea of humanization in this process is associated with system of socio-pedagogical support students who are in state of moral exclusion.

Modern state of socio-economic and spiritual spheres of society shows mass phenomena of alienation and national isolation, violations the relationship between national cultures, people - bearers of different philosophical and moral views. This century has brought to society significant moral losses, gave rise to humans' social deafness. Jeopardized one of the main humanistic values - mutual communication and understanding, spiritual and moral and physical health.

problem alienation of people from each other, alienation from morality, goodness and justice occupies a prominent philosophers of the past - Berdyaev, K. Helvetius, G.V.F. Hegel, Hobbes, Kant, N. S. Kierkegaard, Marx, J.-J. Rousseau, J.-P. Sartre IG Fichte, Heidegger, Jaspers, etc.

In psychology to pay attention to the problem of alienation of such scholars as A. Wallon, K. Rogers, G. Rosenthal, FA Heyniman, V. Frankl, Freud, E. Fromm, K. Horney, E. Erickson and others

In native theoretical and experimental psychological literature alienation considered by scholars such as KA Abulkhanova-Slavskay, VV Abramenkova, VS Mukhina, AV Petrovskii et al [1].

Based analysis of the literature, we consider the moral exclusion (MO) of the individual as alienation from her kindness, justice and traditional moral values Society [2], and, as a consequence - the disharmony in the relationship with personality significant and close to the world (its values, norms of conduct, laws). Disharmony is manifested in the activities and fellowship, in the inner feelings.

Given that young people are no longer amenable to the methods of education, which is available child, they have their own will, their beliefs, more or less definite consciousness, and therefore they are much less accessible schematic Effects [3], we consider the process of pedagogical correction of Defense not only as teacher activities aimed at the moral development of personality, but also as activities aimed at finding ways to improve the environment in which formed personality. This is a very important aspect of humanistic education, we encounter in the works EV Bondarevskiy on teaching culture, humanization of the pedagogical process, personality-oriented education and education.

Wednesday - All this, among which is located in the outside world and develops a personality. In the notion of protection include the social, cultural, environmental factors and natural human condition. The problem of creating a humane personality-oriented environment [4] in various educational institutions, the idea of humanization of education, humanistic personality theory of education in different educational systems, the concept of personality-oriented education and training aimed at solution to a common goal - the alienation of the individual correction of moral standards society, others, myself.

Problem humanization of education was raised by many great teachers in different periods (Sh Amonashvili, Blonskii, Janusz Korczak, VASukhomlinsky, LN Tolstoy, KD Ushinsky, etc.). Humanization of Education - is humane (human) relationship to the student, the ability to see in him a man and take him as he is, and not try to "fit" remake.

Humanists approach links the pedagogical correction of Defense with humanization Training process, taking into account the main characteristics of the person who is learning - general, distinguishes man from all the rest, and the individual, age, group (for example, especially in health, communication, cognition, etc.) [5]. BM Bim-Bad directly links the purpose of education and spiritual development of personality: "The main objective general education - the spiritual development of the individual "[6].

Creation humane personality-oriented system in the university, aimed at pedagogical correction MoD assumes:

take the concept of the educational process not as a connection of training and education, and as the development of individuality, the formation of skills, where learning and Education organically coalesce;

identify nature of relations between the major participants in the training process - the administration, teachers, pupils and parents;

exercise search for ways to improve the environment in which identity is formed.

Implementation humane ideas, personality-oriented education in the process pedagogical correction MO we associate with the system of socio-pedagogical accompaniment, which can be interpreted as helping the subject of development in the formation of the orientational field of development, responsibility for actions which is itself a subject of [7]. Relying on that person - this unity mental properties that constitute its identity, the system socio-pedagogical support in implementing their technology important psycho-pedagogical principle of individual approach, according to which educational work takes into account individual characteristics of each student.

In light of the theory of socio-pedagogical support educational technology correction of Defense is support students in meaningful for them systems of relations: the students 'parents, the students' teachers, the personality " person (group), group "group identity" I aimed at harmonization of relations students to the world, those around me.

Personality-oriented system of socio-pedagogical support creates the conditions for self-knowledge, self-improvement, self, stimulates the student to commit a conscious, moral behavior. As a result, student:

receives opportunity to look at ourselves from within and from outside,

compares themselves with other students, evaluates their actions and behavior, learning accept themselves and others in general, and not as a collection of good and bad features nature;

produces force of will, learn to govern themselves through a constant influence on educational and life situations;

learning overcome their own emotional barriers;

learning key relationships by achieving harmony with the environment.

All this contributes to an effective process of overcoming the alienation of the student. Student consciously or spontaneously mobilizing its valuable qualities, while at the same time compensates or somehow overcome those obstacles to achieving success.

Conclusion. As a result of technology special education students MoD us was a tendency to reduce the negative emotional states. Spiraled culture of communication, justice, compassion, understanding, willingness to help others. Carried out by us in the course of research work has led to harmonization of relations with parents, students, teachers and peers. Developed the ability to get along with people, self-confidence, self-respect, respect for others. It has formed many students the ability to work constructively to leave conflict situations on its own.


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