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Cohabitation: Pros and Cons

Once the term "civil marriage" refers to family relationships, not blessed sacrament of the wedding. Today, the definition extended to the family units are not recognized by not only the Church but also by the state. In such families the husband and wife love and connect only a verbal agreement. Is it really important in this case, the legal formalities?

Union consider a civil marriage if the couple lives in the same territory and leads the overall economy during the month.

In our country about civil marriages broke a lot of copies. Traditionally, the society they condemned. Under socialism, the people, consisting of civil marriage, could hardly expect a serious post. Now we have all become much more tolerant enough to remember the Kursk Governor Alexander Rutskoi: he spent several years not to register their union with Irina Popova, and it did not affect his political career.

Cohabitation - the problem is not so much psychological as legal. This little as stamp in the passport, protect property and other rights of spouses and their children. If tomorrow your husband falls under the civilian car, you can not leave even his own image: all marital property will depart official family.

From the standpoint of legal civil marriage - a senseless risk. This is how to get to the working of the Cabinet on the fifth floor of a drainpipe, because it's so interesting. If you love a person, you will inevitably want to provide them financial security. If you do not want to marry legally, then, obviously, are not sure the chosen one hundred percent. Maybe you search partner better?

Dress Rehearsal

So, in some cases, a civil marriage - an unconditional good?

most common option - an informal alliance as a rehearsal of family relations. You learned a tremendous person - do not pull as it immediately to the registry office! Not bad for a while to live together, to find out if you can tolerate his snoring, and he - your habit to lie in the evenings and a half hours in the bathroom. The mutual love and sexual attraction is not guaranteed consumer compatibility. It is likely, domestic habits will be so different that it would be easier to leave than resign ourselves to family life.

Civil marriage is registered to young people: students, students, young professionals, students of yesterday, barely reached the age - anyone with the desire to love and be loved is many times the financial viability. Unmarried young men and women probably will gain invaluable experience, learn to respect the space of someone else's life and to appreciate their own destiny. Such relations are extremely common in the West (although there under the category of "young person" subject to thirty-five people): they are much better for early marriage, most of which six or seven years of decay.

Civil marriage may be a temporary form of personal life - the period of study, long trips or internships. Such relationships are rarely move in a stable family - they were originally created it as temporary, and the partner chosen for them for quite different criteria than for the family. For example, a student of the period of study may choose to close friends or an A-shirt guy, very cheerful, and the Company's. It is clear that a husband must be sought not so much an intellectual or a buffoon, but simply attentive, loving, affectionate, reliable man.

Civil marriage is sometimes chosen by people with already held a biography, for which the change of marital status is linked with the break up to its image. American singer Madonna appears every six months in a society with a new boyfriend. For the outrageous singer, to the same millionaire, it is quite normal. After all, marriage would require a drastic change from her image, and still do not know how this would impact on business.

"New n", who married for the second and third time, too, with two hands to vote for a civil marriage. All mattsennosti (apartments, villas, bank accounts, etc.) are already registered for the first spouse. New divorce is fraught with too large for entrepreneurs financial difficulties, so they try not to bring the situation to say nothing until the next divorce - before the wedding. But born in the new informal marriages, children honorably register themselves.

laid down after all this pain and trouble-free relationships do not call it: a man has to maneuver between the former (legal) and new (civilian) women, one of which wounded his betrayal, the other - his cowardice (do not want to marry her). To sustain such a triangle can only very strong-willed people.

In civil marriages has its psychological benefits. Unions are not burdened by a stamp in the passport, and not burdened by social stereotypes about family life - such, for example, as a woman - a housewife, male - the breadwinner, "" budget should be shared "," not a step to the left "," should be like all the relatives of the wife. Civil marriage is maximally open experimentation and creativity, the husband and wife can easily agree on other roles: she - the breadwinner, he - housewife.

The official marriage, on the contrary, people tend to perceive the "second half" as their property. In the words of American Ambrose Bierce: "In marriage, often to replace the sincerity comes to diplomacy, to replace the trust - the manipulation, and replaced by a sense of habit."

How to calculate the time when the civil marriage must yield before the law? In the West, this divide is easily determined: the couple are officially registered when they decide to have a baby.

cost of freedom

for freedom, as you know, you have to pay. People who are in cohabiting relationships, no sense of the permanence of his situation, serious relationship. They have been denied them and a certain social status. Against this form of marriage is usually active object parent of husband and wife. So, if you want to go to his mother on pancakes, better to issue a marriage with her daughter quite officially.

main enemy of civil marriage - public opinion, which considers such experiments are too extravagant and not serious. To make a political career, you not only have to acquire official wife, but more strictly relate to his informal personal life. As the sad experience of Clinton and Skuratov, the fact of adultery can easily be used by your enemies as a weapon of blackmail.

Once again: informal family relationships - is a huge legal risk. If something happens to one of the spouses, the second overnight deprived of all real estate and property

sensitive to fragile status of the parents and children, especially if someone in the yard or at school on this occasion to make fun of them.

This council is one (if you're not in what you do not want to become a lawful husband and wife): Teach your child to be proud of the fact that his family did not like the others - this is not the latest situation in his life when it is important to appreciate their difference, but not similarity.

Civil marriages are evil, when one spouse (usually the woman) against the will of the subordinate partner request. She loves him and is afraid of losing, he also uses her emotional, sexual, perhaps, and material dependence, leaving himself room for maneuver. He flatly refused to marry, she is either playing to him, arguing that the main thing - the feelings, not formalities, or scandals, or suffer in secret. This precarious situation can last for years. Psychologically it was very traumatic.

One historical example - the history of Pablo Picasso and Francoise Gilot, one of the many civilian female artist. They met in 1943: it is - a beginning painter, he is - the world-famous artist, in addition to the forty years her senior. They lived together for ten years, two children - son Claude and daughter Paloma, - seemed to be forever sealed their union.

Still Fran

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