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1.Kozhnye disease.
2. Exudative diathesis-kataritivny.
3. Remedial physical education and health food.


Dermatology - a medical discipline that studies the skin and its appendages (hair, nails, and their diseases). Excrete total DA - the study of anatomy and physiology of the skin, the overall patterns of development of skin diseases and common traits of the principles of their treatment and personal ID - a review of selected diseases of the skin and its appendages, their treatment and prevention. D. includes medical mycology, which explores the disease to humans and domestic animals, fungi and parasitic diseases caused by them.
Dermatitis-inflammatory processes in the skin, resulting from external stimuli-khim. Substances nat. Impacts, as well as from substances of vegetable origin.
Most AD develops in contact with the chemical. substances in the home and at work, when working with acids, alkalis, turpentine, detergent powder paints, etc. Often, AD is a consequence of external application of medicinal substances. It may arise from Yoda, mercury, novakaina, Synthomycin, streptocide and others used in the form of solutions, ointments, pastes, emulsions with increased sensitivity of skin to these substances.
Most of D, leads to mechanical stimulation, for example. friction or pressure properly fitting footwear.
KD, caused by temperature stimuli are burn perfrigeration, frostbite. PrichinoyD are often the sun (sunburn) electrical current. Sometimes the DA occurs in contact with evening primrose, geranium, parsnip, sedges and some other plants. Should not forget about the possibility of deramatita of cosmetics (ursol). Ink, paint, hair sometimes cause swelling and redness of skin, and particularly with the slaughter age restriction of eye scheley.Kosmeticheskie kremylosony can cause skin irritation when the wrong and too long-term storage violated their normal and elevated individual skin sensitivity to any component kosmeticheskogosredstva.
AD is characterized by redness, swelling, swelling and increased skin temperature, accompanied by a feeling of heat, itching, burning sensation. On the skin may appear reddened vesicles filled with clear content: when the opening is formed first oozing skin, and then scales, crusts.
Treatment appoint a physician. Self-medication can lead to more irritation. Need to quickly address the causes of the inflammatory process - to remove from the skin surface residues of chemicals, to eliminate the mechanical stimulus, etc.

1. Skin diseases.

Features of the structure, a large number of external and internal factors that affect the skin, causing a great variety of skin diseases - dermatitis.
External factors - physical. and chem. stimuli - cause inflammation in GK: dermatitis, most of them - rubbing, chafing, perfrigeration, burns. Many of the disease - the result of the impact biol. factors: the microscopic (pathogenic) fungi, bacteria, animal parasites, viruses. Internal factors - pockets of local infection (eg, tonsils, gall bladder), diseases of internal organs (stomach, kidney, liver, etc.) cause changes in the skin-allergic. nature (see allergy), and they are manifested urticaria, eczema and other essential role in the occurrence of skin diseases are violations of protein, carbohydrate and fat metabolism, vitamin A deficiency. A number of diseases caused by C. dysfunctions of the nervous system (eg, neurodermatitis), endocrine system (eg, seborrhea, acne), vascular lesions, and other blood-forming organs. All these factors can cause a variety of C. Pathol. processes: inflammation, hemorrhage, pigmentation disorders, keratinization, loss of individual structures (fibers, connective tissue, sebaceous and sweat glands, hair follicles, etc.), as well as poor circulation and, hence, power K. As a result, there are GK rash - inflammatory or pigmented spots of various sizes and shapes, knots and knots of different colors - red, blue and brown. Can form small bubbles or large bubbles with a transparent serous, bloody or purulent content, bleeding, etc. The rash is usually covered by crusts, scales, revealed the formation of ulcer surface, increase in size or disappear, replaced in the healing scar, etc. They can spread across the skin, often on the mucous membrane, or located in certain areas (scalp, large folds of skin, etc.), sometimes accompanied by itching, burning, or not at all worried sick. The rash may also be a manifestation of inf. diseases (typhoid, typhus, scarlet fever, smallpox, etc.), including venereal. Only a physician, using different research methods can determine the nature of the rash, diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Before treatment the doctor should not be lubricated parts of the defeat of any ointments and other drugs: this could lead to an aggravation of the process, further complicate diagnosis and treatment.
Care. To K. was normal, keep it clean. Naturally, the main way to care - washing, when removed from the surface of K. dust, bacteria, sebum, sweat, horny scales, as well as various substances, contaminating it during the work. Wash the body must be X-2 times a week. warm water (36-38 ?), using soap, washcloth or sponge. If hard water causes skin irritation (often happens with children), add the broth to soften bran (250-1000 g wheat bran boil 4-6 liters of water for 30 minutes., Strain broth and pour into the tub), borax (2 -3 desk, l: in the bath) or chamomile, - series, lime green (grass lower in the water in two-layer gauze bag). Water, softened with broth bran, chamomile, or succession, it is helpful to wash the children after washing with soap and water. Try not to wash soap - it irritates and dries K. For tempering twice a week, take cold baths, or the soul (34-35 ?), the bath can add pine extract or sea salt. After the morning exercises wiping towel dipped in cold water, and the summer is better, take a cool shower, then grind K.
The skin of the neck, armpits and under breasts are cleaned daily. People working in manufacturing, where a lot of dust or high nat. load, after the change should take a warm shower, not to overdry K., use fatty soap (lanolin, spermaceti, Children, etc.). Fat people are encouraged to lubricate the skin folds boiled vegetable oil and fat powder powder oneself, to avoid chafing.
To care for AK face, neck, hands, feet, wipe the skin folds after washing useful means of hygienic cosmetics, perfume produced by industry.
Face Care. In normal C. Wash daily, soap (preferably superfatted - such as Baby, Red Poppy) apply no more than 2-3 times a week, because frequent washing with soap degreasing K., lowers acidity kozhnoysredy.Umyvatsya better than soft water, For example, rain, snow, to mitigate the water can boil and add baking soda (1 / 4 teaspoon. l. to 1 liter of water), borax (1 / 2 teaspoon. l. to 1 liter of water), glycerin (1 table. l . to 1 liter of water), bran (almonds, oats, phi the PV) and others is good for the water GK room temperatury.Holodnaya water, causing vasoconstriction, impairs the power K.; at constant washing of such water becomes dry K. , pale and flabby, wrinkles appear. Hot water cleans well AK, but frequent use causes a persistent expansion of its vessels, weakens their tone. On the face of emerging areas of redness KV transmission grid with small purplish-red, branched vessels, K. becomes sluggish, wrinkles. Alternating hot and cold wash water - good exercises for vessels, increases blood circulation, improved nutrition C. After umyvaniyatschatelnovytiraytespolotentsem, because the remaining moisture evaporates, causes cooling, K., constriction of blood vessels and decrease the secretion of its glands. In the evening, several hours before bedtime, clear lotion K. Lily, Rose water, or others, do it easily, sliding gestures.
If you need a particularly oily K. thorough care. To clean it well and at the same time maintain an acid reaction in the skin environment, for 10 min. to wash applied to the face K. kefir, sour milk, acidophilus, or yogurt, then wash face with water (alternating hot and cold) with soap (glycerine, Borno, thymol, Camphor or sulfuric soap). To prevent acne oily K. wipe 1-2 times a day cosmetics: lotions Morning, Start, Finish, Ideal,
Chamomile, Kemer, cucumber, cucumber vodka nastoemnatertyh (equal amounts of cucumber: juice and vodka). To clean greasy K. iuluchshit circulation, 2-3 times a week there is a cause sliding in a circular motion with the addition of soap in it 1Dchayn. l. fine table salt; 2-3 min.litso washed with hot, then cold water, wipe dry with a towel and applied a thin
a layer of cream for oily K.: Lemon, Leningrad, White nochv, nezhinka, tenderness, Crystal, ideal, Favorite, Moscow, Mask, Smile, etc. These creams help sdelatnezametnymi greasy luster, porosity, K., in
give it a matte color. It is recommended to periodically remove acne, do SRI. mask in Makeup. room, massage, on the advice of a doctor-cosmetologist wipe face degreasing and disinfectant p-tions: 1% salicylic, camphor or ammonia, 0,5% p-rum
diluted hydrochloric to-you, 2% p-rum resorcinol, tincture of calendula (1 table. l. 1 / r stakanavody).
When dry AK better slightly warm water to wash with soap (Children, sperm, cosmetic, lanolin) once a week face-wipe, gently placing a towel. In very dry C. for 20-30 minutes. to wash the face plentifully smeared with liquid or cream / nanosyatnalitsosvezheprigotovlennuyusmes from fresh egg yolk, vegetable oil and kipyachenoyvody, vzyatyhporovnu.Cherez5-10 min. mixture washed first with warm water and soap, then holodnoy.Umyvanie can be temporarily replaced by wiping liquid cream (Morning, Velvet, Almond milk, Dawn) or vegetable oil (olive, peach, etc.). Excess oil (or cream), remove the paper Makeup. napkin. Instead of washing is very dry skin better than 1 - 2 times. in denproteretochischayuscheyismyagchayuschey mixture consisting of 2 egg yolks (pounded with 3 / 4 cups, cream), X / A glass of vodka and juice of one lemon. On the skin, where more wrinkle - eyelids, nasolabial folds, the front surface of the neck, etc. - causing Rosmarinus (Satin, Amber, Delight, Lux, Aloe, Lyudmila, Leda, etc.), after 30-40 minutes. remove the excess with a paper napkin, should not leave the cream on the night. Cream K. impose slight movements of fingers in the direction from the center line lyada to the periphery. Before going out on the street is recommended to apply a thin layer of protective cream (Aurora, Ray, etc.) and powder fat powder.
It is useful to once a month to make a massage and nourishing mask to put in Makeup. study. Neck-rye masks can be done at home 2-3 times per week. 1-2 hours before sleep. For their preparation using fresh fruit (apples, grapes, lemons, etc.), berries (strawberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc.), vegetables (cucumbers, cabbage, tomatoes). They are peeled and rubbed in the resulting mass is added a little flour and mix. Impose a mask for 10-15 minutes., After washing and brushing in bold face cream. Read the mask with a cotton swab or wash with boiled water and re-oiled nutritious fat cream. When expressed sagging and wrinkled K. better instead of the morning washing, wipe face with a cotton swab dipped in jy-pe of calendula (calendula tincture of alcohol mixed with boiled water) in the p-D salt (1 teaspoon. L. A glass of water) or in a heated vegetable oil; swab is applied gently to the face. Applied also nourishing creams.
Summer for the protection of persons from the sun's rays can impose creams Ray, Shield, etc. For men, to prevent wilting K. useful 1-2 times per week. week applied to temples, neck, around eyes and mouth Nourishing creams (Lada, Chamomile, Embryo, and others), with sluggish pre-K make a hot compress. Remove excess cream with a paper napkin through a 1 - 1 / 2 hours, not leaving it on overnight.
Wanting to retain a good color, freshness and elasticity K., try, in addition to caring for skin, eat right (varied diet, rich in vitamins), to a regime of work and rest (adequate sleep, regular walks on the bonds of the spirit), exercise and sport . -

2. Diathesis-EKSSUDATYVNO Bluetongue

Diathesis EKSSUDATYVNO-KAT-ARALNY special state body of the child, caused by metabolic disorders: manifest intolerance of certain foods (usually milk, eggs, strawberries, honey, shokolada.Pri ekssudatiyno-catarrhal diathesis has a predisposition to allergic inflammatory lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. Changes skin may have been "the first weeks of life, manifesting itself most strongly in the second half, when the power is becoming more diverse. diathesis manifestations become less pronounced go completely disappear after 3-5 years.
The disease often begins with the appearance of eyebrows peeling spots yellowish. Even if well cared for children with marked oprelosti. With 1,5-2 months. may be so called. gneiss - reddening of the skin of the cheeks with defurfuration. Appear yellowish crusts on the scalp and above the eyebrows, in severe cases, they are superimposed on each other and form thick layers. In children suffering from exudative-catarrhal diathesis, can easily arise acute respiratory infection, runny nose, sore throat, bronchitis, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye, inflammation of the middle ear, often unstable stool (alternating diarrhea and constipation), after an illness long does the slight increase in temperature, so called. low-grade temperature (37-37,2 ?), noted the tendency for water retention in the body-children "loose", often high-power, but they can rapidly lose water, steep slopes are replaced by the weight of its rapid decline. Inf. disease in these children occur quite hard for a long time. There may be complications such as eczema, atopic dermatitis: the background of acute raspiratoranyh disease sometimes develops a false croup, bronchial asthma. Eczema usually appears after the error in the diet of nursing mothers, the introduction of the child to eat cow's milk, some juice, cod liver oil. The skin becomes red cheeks, small bubbles appear, causing severe itching. Child of their combs, the result is a weeping surface. Voznikshayasimmetrichno cheeks eczema can spread to the entire face, torso, arms and legs, accompanied by itching. Kid becomes irritable, disturbed sleep.
Nuyrodermit occurs mainly in children over 3 summer background diathesis, or shortly after stihaniya its manifestation in the knee and elbow, as well as major folds appear dryness, peeling and roughness of the skin, accompanied by a sharp itch.
Treatment for a doctor. Attempts by parents to use without medical supervision domashniesredstva an item more medicines usually only worsens the condition of the child. A diet with the exception of products that cause diathesis (strong broths, egg white, chocolate, eggs, cocoa, citrus). When intertrigo needed special care, alternating baths with soda and potassium permanganate, oil seals, childlike cream. When neyrodermite recommended various pastes and ointments as prescribed by a doctor.
In order to prevent pregnant women and nursing mothers should not eat foods that are causing exudative-catarrhal diathesis, or reduce their consumption. In pregnant women should be treated promptly toxicosis and other diseases. Children under3 years is not recommended to give products that contribute to the emergence of D. e.-k.

Diet - diet and nutrition rights (usually the patient). At the heart of the D-lying principle of the body's physiological needs for nutrients. In addition, the DA shouldbytprisposoblena to metabolic processes, disrupted in the disease in terms of special effects of the environment, provide schazhenie damage and frustrated body functions.
To do this, pick up some food, have received special technological processing. Eating recommended in certain quantitative and qualitative relationships, is confined to a specific time. Most rasprostraneniepoluchili diet peptic ulcer, cholecystitis, colitis, obesity, diabetes and dr.Kazhdaya DA has several variants, consistently applied, depending on the stage of the phase of the disease. In view of the individual readings, usually in a hospital may designate fasting days for a short time (1-2 days). The principle of their construction is different, the most common fasting days, which corresponds to the names used within this day product (meat, fish, etc.). Increased dlitelnymgolodaniem for many people encounter in nebezvredno.Protivodeystviyuchasto sovremennyhusloviyah obesity aesthetic, sometimes for medical reasons, has inspired many amateur diets attractive - advertising names. Many of them do not have health literacy studies, and some simply absurd.
Rational selection of individual AD performed by a doctor. Independently, without coordination with choice of DA may cause harm.

About - the application of physical training with therapeutic iprofilakticheskoy purposes; widely used in complex treatment in hospitals, clinics, sanatoriums. One of the leading methods of honey. rehabilitation (restorative treatment). Correct application of exercise therapy accelerates the recovery, the recovery of the impaired ability to work and return patients to work.
The effectiveness of physiotherapy tested over the centuries, the doctors of ancient Greece, Hippocrates, and others believed Asclepiades exercise mandatory and important component of any treatment. Roman physician Claudius Galen recommended that patients not only gymnastics, but also boating, horseback riding, hunting, gathering fruit and grapes, walks, massage. The physician and philosopher of Central Asia, Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) in the Canon of Medicine "widely promoted physical exercise as an important element of the SRI. and preventive medicine. Outstanding n scientists, physicians M. J. Wise, of NI Pirogov, S. Botkin, GA Zakhar'in, P. Lesgaft constantly emphasized the importance of gymnastics, motor mode, massage, health training, and occupational therapy .
As scientific knowledge gymnastics in our country was formed after the Great October Socialist Revolution. The development of SRI. Physical Education in the Soviet Union is inextricably linked with the successes of Soviet public health and mass sports movement. Therapeutic exercise - this exercise, ie, muscle movements, which are powerful biologicheskimstimulyatorom vital functions of man. The exercises are divided into gymnastics, sports applications (walking, jogging, swimming, skiing, etc.), mobile and sports games. In addition, physiotherapists use exercise the nature of employment (occupational therapy). Using the natural factors of nature - sun, air and water - increases the effectiveness of physical exercise and promotes hardening of the organism.
Exercise therapy applied in the form of therapeutic exercises, morning gig. gymnastics, dosage walk; terrenkury, games, strictly metered Exercise - swimming, skiing, canoeing, etc. Medical gymnastics - the main form of exercise therapy. Exercises therapeutic exercises are divided into two groups: for musculoskeletal and respiratory systems. The first, in turn, are divided on the impact of localization, or anatomical basis, - for small, medium and large muscle groups, the degree of patient activity - passive and active. Called passive exercises for the affected extremity, patients performed with the help of a healthy limb or with a practitioner, instructor LFK; active - exercise, run entirely by the patient. By passive attribute, and massage. Exercises on special machines, the so-called. a burden, is called hydrotherapy. Breathing exercises used in the physiotherapist in order to improve respiratory function, are divided into two types: static, performed without movement of hands and muscles of the shoulder girdle, n dynamic, when the phases of breathing combined with movement-hand shoulder, waist and body. Significant place in the gymnastics exercise in the water (bathtub, pool, open water). Exercise in water is facilitated by mechanical and thermal influence of the water environment * resulting in a lot of movement, do that in normal circumstances it is difficult to be performed in iodine without much effort or freely by facilitating their own weight in water and relieving pain or spastic phenomena in the muscles.
One kind of therapeutic exercises a corrective gymnastics, and she held with the aim of correcting some defects in locomotor and treatment of their primary forms: a violation of posture, curvature of the spine, flat feet and other corrective exercises with greater force applied during the growth of the organism, ie, . in childhood and adolescence. When spinal deformity, it aims to strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine, ie, creating a reliable natural muscular corset. Corrective exercises for spinal deformity appoint necessarily in conjunction with breathing exercises. LFK uses the entire arsenal of accumulated physical activity. With SRI. to use specially selected and methodically developed physical exercises. Imposing them, the doctor takes into account the peculiarities of the disease, the nature and extent of changes in systems and organs, the stage of disease, information about parallel to the treatment, physical fitness, etc. The basis of therapeutic exercise is strictly dosed training, under a-swarm with respect to the sick and impaired people should understand the purposeful process of reconstruction and improvement of disturbed functions of the entire organism, its individual systems and organs. There are a total workout, pursuing the goal of general improvement and strengthening of the body, in special training aimed at elimination of violations of certain functions, systems and organs. Eg. For priority strengthening the abdominal muscles using exercises in standing, sitting and lying down. Naturally, while involved in work and other muscle groups "However, the main task - to strengthen the abdominal muscles and the entire abdominals. As a result of systematic - the use of exercise the body is better adapted to the gradually increasing loads. is a correction (alignment) encountered in the disease process violations. The basis of SRI. of physical exercise and other means * LFK consider the impact on the nervous system, which thereby regulates the function of affected organs and systems, promotes healing and recovery mechanisms. " Important mechanisms of physical exercise is also their general tonic effect on the patient. They contribute to the normalization of distorted or restore lost functions, affect the trophic function of the nervous systems, enhance the effect of other SRI. factors (medication, physiotherapy, balneotherapy, etc.). In the process of recovering some of the SRI. methods gradually limit or exclude, and the proportion of physiotherapists, in contrast, increases. It is important to both: doing physical exercises, the patient himself actively involved in the rehabilitative process, and this beneficial effect on his psycho-emotional sphere. Classes also have educational value: the patient gets used systematically exercise, it became his daily habit. Classes gymnastics move in general physical education classes, become human need, and after recovery.
However, we must not forget that exercise therapy is a highly effective means to-rye, as well as other methods of treatment should be strictly dosed and monitored by a doctor. Only a physician who knows the patient's condition, especially his illness, could correctly identify the volume and nature of physical exertion. Sometimes the patient in the manner of self-entrained run "trot", the various systems gymnasts and other species, physical education and sport, designed for healthy people. This can lead to catastrophic consequences. We must remember that exercise therapy - a method of treatment and, therefore, should be applied strictly individual, appointed and supervised by a doctor ?
Classes SRI. gymnastics can be individual, malogruppovymi (for 2-3 patients) and group (8-10 patients). In appointing the self-study at home the patient give specific instructions on self-control. Each lesson is based on a definite plan, and includes three sections: introductory, basic and final. In gymnastics attached great importance to exercise dosage; this determines their duration, the initial position, the number of repetitions, tempo, amplitude of movements, the alternation of stress management and relaxation, take into account the individual characteristics of the patient, age.
Game method widely used in the classroom with children. Inclusion in gymnastics games increases interest in them, but require strict dosing burden. The elements of sports (volleyball, tennis, etc.) in exercise therapy used with great limitations, mainly in san.-chickens. institutions.
Exercise therapy is effective, subject to a long, systematic studies of the gradual increase in load as a second each, and during the entire course of treatment, taking into account age, occupation, motor activity of the patient, the characteristics of the disease.
Indications for exercise therapy are extensive. It is used as a method of functional treatment for injuries to stimulate the functions
damaged limbs and acceleration of wound healing in fractures of the spine, treatment of contractures, diseases of musculoskeletal system and joints. In surgical practice and to prescribe exercise therapy after surgery to prevent postoperative complications and promote healing of the wound. Classes promote a more rapid restoration of disturbed functions of the affected organ and the organism as a whole. In the clinic of internal diseases, this method is widely used in diseases of the cardiovascular system, particularly for coronary heart disease. Myocardial infarction exercise therapy is a mandatory element in the system of integrated rehabilitation patient's health at all stages of treatment - in b-tse, sanatorium, clinic. The techniques of gymnastics with hypotension and hypertension, chronic coronary insufficiency, heart disease and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. With the help of physical exercises can be directed to influence the disease disturbed function of the respiratory system, strengthen respiratory muscles, in connection with the exercise therapy used in acute and chronic pneumonia (cm * Inflammation of the lungs), emphysema, bronchial asthma and other respiratory diseases (see Respiratory system). H Not less important it is for metabolic diseases: obesity, gout, diabetes mellitus (see Diabetes diabetes) and exercise therapy, etc. are used as a method of rehabilitation therapy with complete and incomplete paralysis, neurosis at the impact of infectious diseases with the defeat of the central and peripheral nervous system . In obstetrics physical exercises prescribed during pregnancy and the postpartum period - they are a compulsory element - almost all chronic gynecological diseases. Accumulated experience of the successful application of therapeutic exercises in a number of diseases of the gastric tract, mainly in the chronic stage of disease. LFK shown particularly in childhood. The disease suppressing and disrupting motor activity - an indispensable condition for the normal formation and development of children's organism. Therefore, exercise therapy is a very important element in the treatment of almost all childhood diseases.
Prescribers physician, classes are instructor (Methodist) SRI. gymnastics under the guidance of medical specialists on therapy in clinics, sports Clinics or at home on to recommend a set of therapeutic exercises.
Clinical nutrition (diet therapy) - the use of therapeutic or prophylactic purposes specifically designed diets and eating regime. Typically, LP is not an independent method of treatment, and is used in combination with drugs and other SRI. effects. With neck-ryh diseases such as gastritis, colitis, peptic ulcer disease, liver disease, kidney disease, nutritional therapy may be the main method of treatment.
LP used in ancient times, but his scientific principles have been developed only in the second half of the 19. Basis for this served as the provisions set forth by n scientists, physiologists, Pavlov and Sechenov.
Basic principles of LP - an individual approach to the definition of diet, treatment of eating and cooking her way, quantitatively and qualitatively consistent with the nature of illness, the patient's condition and the individual characteristics of his body; preparation of balanced (the most favorable ratio of protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins) and physiologically adequate diet in cases where the patient's condition requires the exclusion or limitation of any nutrients or foods. Assign LP can only be a doctor and the patient must be under his systematic observation.
In LP is widely used quantitative changes in dietary intake - increase or reduce, the so-called. fasting days, qualitative restrictions, in particular the appointment of easily digestible foods; change the meal, special methods of cooking.
Diets LP should provide a good result of treatment and at the same time be a full-fledged, fully meet the needs of the organism in food, and biologically active substances. Best nutrition helps the body fight disease, contributes to the rapid restoration of efficiency of the affected systems, the normalization of metabolism and general condition.
LP used in inpatient, san.-chickens. and outpatient care. LP patients in outpatient settings provide dietich. canteens, as well as dietich. offices in the general mess in the enterprises and institutions, organized by the sale of Nutrition products in the grocery stores. To fully meet the needs of the population in health food chain dietary mess in our country will be expanded further.
In the LP is widely used so-called fasting days and other quantitative restrictions on food. During fasting days appointed power to any one food product (eg, apples, cottage cheese, milk) in a certain amount during the day. Arrange fasting days can only be prescribed by a doctor, who determines the frequency and nature of power. Quantitative food restriction with a decrease in consumption of water and salt are often used for obesity, overweight, atherosclerosis in cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, etc.
Dramatically reduce the amount of food intake is possible only in stationary conditions in exceptional cases and in certain medical institutions under the supervision of medical specialists who have experience of such treatment. This method can not be recommended for widespread use for medical reasons, and even more so in the manner of self. Starvation, especially many days, is extremely dangerous. We describe the deaths of people who used this method. The causes of death were not visible, the current manifestation of diabetes, sudden cardiac arrest, failure to move the body to assimilate food after fasting. In addition, the method can cause serious damage to health and cause significant, sometimes irreversible disturbances in the liver, brain, etc. The portability of fasting individual, not every body can be subjected to severe tests. Self-starvation should be regarded as identical?? of the most harmful forms of distortion power, nothing to do with therapeutic feeding (see Hunger).
From the qualitative constraints most common mechanical and chemical schazhenie. Under schazheniem mechanical means of removal of dietary crude, it is difficult to digest, and poorly digestible products and their parts. These include plant foods rich in crude fiber, as well as the solid parts of meat. When mechanical schazhenii exclude coarse grain varieties, radish, turnip, radish, cabbage, cucumbers, beans, crisp cereals (buckwheat, barley, millet) and other mechanical schazhenie also carried out primeneniemspetsialnoykulinarnoy processing: meat consumed in powdered form (burgers, meat balls, meatballs ), vegetables in the form of mashed potatoes, casseroles, cereal soups (from pearl barley, oat groats, rice, etc.) in the form of shabby.
Chemical schazhenie achieved except write, amplifying the secretion of digestive glands, motor (motor) function of the stomach and intestines. For such foods are strong broth (meat, fish, vegetables), fried dishes (burgers, steaks, fried potatoes) fried food (rump steak, pork chops), concentrated fatty, spicy gravy and sauces, spices, pickles, fresh, soft bread and pancakes. Schazheniya used for chemical heat treatment: decoction, with a rum-extractives go into the broth, and steam cooking method main dishes, when partially removed extractives and is not formed, as in roasting, a crust that contains a lot of flavoring substances, stimulating the secretion of digestive glands . TV on., While chemical schazhenii used dishes from the boiled meat and fish, as well as dishes of meat and fish cakes, cooked by the steam method.
In LP attaches great importance to diet. His set depending on the patient, his motor load and the nature of the disease. Power Mode patients usually provides meals 4-5 times a day at intervals of not more than 4 hours. In some cases, recommend modes of the fractional power with more frequent meals in small quantities,.
?When LP prescribe special diets according to the nature of the disease (Table). All diets are divided into severe (without the right choice of dishes) and extended (with the right choice of dishes).
?It is widely used as a diet with the inclusion of increased amounts of raw plant foods - salads of raw vegetables, various fruits, watermelons, melons, etc. This ensures maximum. Intake of vitamins, phytoncids, trace elements, organic by-t, the most useful of sugar (fructose). In raw vegetables contain tartronovaya to-ta, hindering the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. A diet with a predominance of raw vegetables and fruits has alkalify action and prevents acidotic (Acid) changes in the body, contributing to the development of atherosclerosis. Form part of the fruits and vegetables is the name of vegetable fibers help to regulate the intestines, normalizes cholesterol metabolism, protecting

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