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geopathogenic zone

MF Kondrich - deputy chief physician of medical Union Center the internationalists, the doctor bioenergy, manual therapist.

You had an excellent, spacious new apartment, set up in her man-made comfort to your taste. To live would be in it, so enjoy! But why the whole family is depression? And the ache became more frequent. Friends assured: someone jinxed from envy. Why

from your entrance is permanently destroyed asphalt? What did not repaired, he again covered with cracks and potholes. earliest times

was known: the earth is bright and joyful place for them, from time immemorial, erected temples, palaces, and is harmful, with a bad reputation, which were composed legends and myths. They killed all living things, not trees and flowers, sick people, animals and even their homes are destroyed.

These place creates a powerful anomalous radiation, which creates dangerous for the living and nonliving geopathic zones. The name comes from the Greek words: geo / ge / - land and Patos / pathos / - suffering + genesis / genesis / -- origin.

geopathogenic area fraught with danger yet because they are invisible, intangible, have color and odor. Moreover, they are not fixed by traditional geophysical devices. The basic method of detection geopathogenic zones is the method of biolocation / lozohodstvo.

In museum of history of parapsychology, created recently in Moscow, is a stand with a copy of medieval engravings. It depicts a man with the willow vines in his hands.

C Through such simple enough device in ancient times, people with high sensitivity, could provide a place where there is water. Such people were called lozohodtsami.

Polish TV journalist Wojtek conducted numerous studies, finding out the antiquity this method. She found that according to archaeological excavations, lozohodstvo been known to man 8 thousand years ago. She found evidence that in Egypt knew how to use a twig to search for water. Among

famous men who were interested in the action of "magic wand" - The famous writer JW Goethe. He was one of the first learned that "magic wand "- only indicator - Index of various processes that occur in the human body. "Only in a sensitive hand magic wand acts "- said the great philosopher.

K geopathogenic zones classified only those geological heterogeneity, which adverse effect on biological objects, including humans, spatially related to actually playing in the nature of geological heterogeneities of the crust, as active discontinuous tectonic disturbances -- faults and traceability of underground streams, including the ancient paleorusla rivers. Geopathogenic zones / further - GPP / may be different sizes and configuration.

long observed that over the GPP is especially well developed trees such as willow, alder, aspen, oak, ash, elm. At the same time, birch, lime and most conifers trees fall ill, they appear growths dramatically increases the number ugly forms / morphosis / and above all with a forked tree trunks.

Study 11000 fruit trees showed, inter alia, that the increasing GPP over apple It started to turn yellow and fall off the leaves on the trunks appear Cancer outgrowths. Plums and pears in these areas dramatically fade and wither. It is worth attention to the fact that growing up in the trees are more likely to GEA located outside the zones affected lightning strikes.

Ostro react to the presence of GPP berry bushes. So currant bushes look weak and underdeveloped in comparison with their peers, growing out of zones.

Negative GEA impact on the state of many species of plants affects their productivity. Since the yield of potatoes within the GPP decreases by 2-3 times, corn 3-4 times.

Various species react to the presence of GPP too differently. Flourish themselves in GPP cats. Most animals try to avoid GEA that apparently, and used by our ancestors in determining the optimal locations for housing.

Fine feel in such zones and red ants. It is within them prefer to build nests and lay eggs reptiles. Evelyn Prouz from England and a number of researchers from Latvia say that the bees from the hives above the "water veins", produced 3 times as much honey than usual.

VG Landa, the results of observations made in Eastern Siberia, notes two to three fold reduction in milk yield in cows that are in the cowshed, located in over GEA, noted the development of infertility. Hens, placed in shed over GEA bad rush and lose feathers. D. Koop argues that the mouse placed in a cage above the GPP, are constantly in an excited state, bite cells eat their tails and offspring. By

increasing population and urban growth, the ritual of selecting sites for housing construction was consigned to oblivion. With scarce land area and pursuit of a more "economical" use of communication began build homes in any location suitable for development, including landmarks, has long ancestors were considered unfit for habitation.

Results BC slow to appear, there were houses and whole sections of streets, where people from generation to the next for no apparent reason started to die, for example, cancer leukemia, multiple sclerosis. Thanks lozohodtsam found that the vast majority of such homes located above the GPP. Especially a lot of attention subject has been given in Western European countries - Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France.

In 1929 Gustav von Pohl, conducting research in urban and Visbiburg Grafenau in Bavaria with a population of 10,000 people, found that the bed of all 58 people, died from cancer, located just above the identified them with the help biolocation "living water.

One of the most popular books on the impact of APPs on human health, are books Kati Buhler, and in particular its monograph "The earth radiation. "Based on survey of 11,000 people, performed in 14 countries, it finds that the cancer, and not amenable to treatment mental and other chronic diseases in children and adults due to finding their beds in the nodes of crossing zones. Shift beds in another place, usually leads to a gradual recovery people.

In last decade, the problem of GPP was to attract attention specialists in our country. In Moscow and St. Petersburg were international symposia, seminars, which was presented a large number of reports domestic and foreign scientists. AP Dubrov, referring to the numerous sources, assesses the contribution of GPP in the origin and human cancer in 50-70%

VT Prokhorov et al, have fulfilled biokomfortnuyu assessment of the towns of Abakan, Michurinsk and Kerch, given an example, when the House with an unusually high mortality for recovering cardiac patients, found in the node of intersection GPP.

TM Kapachauskas investigated changes in bio people who for a long time were in the GPP. He found that the aura loses its ordinary specific character - it decreases.

AP Dubrov finds that 50% of cancers caused by GKP. By

negative impact on the health of GPP can significantly - several times exceed the negative impact of such an anthropological perspective, as pollution are emissions of large industrial enterprises.

can take for granted the influence of GPP on cancer morbidity. There is a tendency to increase within the GEA ischemia of the heart, scattered sclerosis, hypertension, respiratory system diseases, mental illness, infant mortality and morbidity of children for other diseases.

Professor Institute of Precambrian Geology and Geochronology RAS, Doctor Geology and Mineralogy, VA Mine in the article "geopathogenic zones -- not a myth but a reality / Medicine World number 9, November 1997 / suggests that more than half the territory of St. Petersburg is located in the areas of GEA, in including 5-10% - just above geopathogenic zones. If you look at map faults in SA - Pb, she recalls battered plate.

K GPP researchers attribute the so-called global lattice energy Grid: orthogonal Hartman, the distance between pathogenic lines 2 * 2,5 meter; diagonal Curry, the distance between pathogenic lines 3,75 meters or 7,5 meters, subway lines, catacombs, mines, etc. But

physical damage not only the GPP, and technological fields, sources which are products of our technological civilization: computers, cordless phones, microwave ovens, etc.

Sources anomalous energy can be considered the most ordinary objects of our interior, ELEMENTS: bizarre, and a sinister-aggressive mask, seafood, paintings, books, furniture, building structures, natural stones, etc.

C method biolocation / lozohodstvo / and fen-shuy/drevnekitayskoe Arts / You can identify pathogens in a zone, areas of abnormal energy of your apartment, choose the right bed and the workplace.

Creation healthy, harmonious aura of your home is an important tool for maintaining physical and spiritual health.


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